Electric materials

Copper electric conductors are used in winding production. Electric copper has a high purity and is manufactured by an electrolysis process, obtaining a purity above 99% and the straight section of copper conductors to be inserted into the grooves are rectangular or circular.

In general, circular section conductors are made in standard diameters up to a diameter of about 2.5mm to 3mm and the current density changes between 3.5 and 15 A / mm2 depending on the ventilation system, number of starts per hour, and desired efficiency .

High efficiency motors 3 hp 182TC motors are characterized by lower current density and if the Acon is larger than the straight section of the largest available wire diameter, some smaller diameter conductors are connected in parallel and coiled together. Up to six or eight elementary conductors can be connected this way.

If the Acon is larger than 30 to 40mm2 (ie 6 to 8 wires of 2,5mm2 in parallel), conductors of rectangular section are recommended and in many countries, these conductors are also parameterized. Normally, the height of rectangular conductors is low compared to the width (a <3.5mm) to reduce the Skin effect.